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Tip: Look at the websites of your competitors or other businesses like yours (know thy competition!)

Marketing your website
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Tip: Don't plan on a lot of graphics on your page (whether one big one or a dozen little ones).  It will take forever to load and your visitor may get tired of waiting and move on.  In general, text loads very quickly, small graphics load next, and big graphics come up last.  The fewer the graphics, the quicker your page will load.

Tip: Many people hate moving graphics and blinking text. It's very distracting when you're trying to read.

Tip: Assume that your customers will scan your text, not read it. Be concise, get to the point quickly and use bulleted items.

Styles and Formats

You may or may not already have a clear idea of what you want your website to look like. Before you commit to a particular layout and create your content,  I highly recommend that you read the following pages:

How Users Read on the Web
(Hint: they don't read, they scan)

Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design

If you have no idea what you want your website to look like, here is a sampling of sites we have designed for other clients.  Jot down what you like and don't like about each site.  This will help us to design a site that YOU are happy with. Remember - everyone has different tastes!

1. Better Future Institute

2. East Coast Merchandisers, Inc.


4. Machine Tools USA, Inc.


6. Ross Family Reunion

7. Mathews High Class of 1950

8. House for Sale

9. The Center for Personal Sovereignty

10. The Ailsworth Family Tree

11. The Burroughs Family Tree

12. Gloucester Montessori School

13. Kingston Parish Church

14. Forward Mathews

15. Mathews Virginia Online

16. Chesapeake Bay Luxury Real Estate


18. Jeffersonia

19. New Start, LLC

20. Queensview Cavaliers

21. Chesapeake Republic

22. Robot Works

23. Sail Caroline