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Guarantee: You don't pay for your website until you're happy with it.  Before payment, it is the property of ChesBayTech Web Design.  After full payment, it belongs to you.

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Hosting services:  Most other web design companies require you to use their hosting services at an inflated rate, up to $100 per month.  We can host your web site for considerably less, or we can help you find a host that's right for you.

Internic fees apply if you decide to register a domain name.  Their fees can be as high as $70 for two years and $35/year after that. ChesBayTech Domain Services offers you a better deal, however, with fees as low as $19.95 a year. A domain name is an address to your website that looks something like:

Domain name registration is available through the following links:

Basic Registration - Search / Register
Multilingual Registration - Multilingual Registration
Ever popular NameSpin Application - NameSpin



The Standard Package is $650 and includes everything most small businesses need.

A main page and up to five subpages. Extra pages are $50 each.

Your logo and up to three other graphics you would like scanned. Additional graphics are $25 each.

Assistance in registering a domain name.

Submittal to thousands of search engines.

Your site uploaded to a host server of your choice and copied onto a disk. 

Pricing does not include hosting services or Internic fees for registering a domain name (see box to the  left).  

Additional Work is billed at $40 per hour.

Online purchasing is an advanced feature that is not offered by ChesBayTech Web Designs at this time.