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Tip: Include your webpage address in all your advertising, business cards, and stationary.

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  Getting Links to Your Site

There's another way to get people to your website:   LINKS.  You want to snare those people who are surfing the Web.  If your business is local in nature, like a restaurant, then you want local websites to list your website. Many communities have at least one City webpage that lists local business websites.  In Mathews, Virginia, there are several possiblities, including:

Visit Mathews Virginia!
Mathews Virginia Online
Mathews County, Va
Yahoo! Get Local - Mathews

You can also try to trade links with appropriate websites.   For example, a sporting goods shop, sports bar, golf course, and minor league baseball team might all exchange prominent links to help each other out.  This is networking.

For manufacturing companies, there are often trade-group websites that would be willing to list your site.  That might actually be your biggest source of visitors.

If you have some expertise that you can share as a public service on the Internet, then others may link to you as a source of information.   This can be an excellent way to generate new customers and to showcase your knowledge and abilities.  This is a common strategy for professionals such as doctors.

Marketing Your Business
on the Web

Be sure to have content!
Many business websites have no content and are essentially billboard ads on the Internet.  This is a colossal waste of marketing potential, and visitors may even become annoyed for wasting their time.  To generate traffic on your website you should have specific information that is useful to them. For example, a website for "Sam's Pizza" could include these pages:

Welcome to Sam's Pizza (main page)

Lunch Menu
Dinner Menu
Meet Sam
Links to our Favorite Pizza Website

Manufacturers should have specific information about what they sell:

Welcome to ABC Widget, Inc. (main page)

About ABC Widget
Copper Widgets (include specs and prices)
Steel Widgets
Composite Widgets
Contact ABC Widget

Getting People to Your Website:
Your website address should be displayed prominently on your stationary, business cards, yellow-page ads and company vehicles. Surveys have shown that most people would prefer to find out about a business anonymously through a webpage rather than make a phone call or make a special trip in the car.

Search Engines: Your site should be listed on the major search engines.  But don't expect people to find you there. Because there are so many webpages listed at the search engines you are likely to get more traffic from links and your own advertising.