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Discount Domain Name Registration:  ChesBayTech is offering discount domain name registration starting as low as $19.95/year for COM/NET/ORG domain names! Registration is available through the following links:

Basic Registration - Search / Register
Multilingual Registration - Multilingual Registration
Ever popular NameSpin Application - NameSpin 
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Affordable websites that are user friendly.
How long did you have to wait for this page to load? ChesBayTech Web Design sites are quick to load, professional looking, and simple; 
perfect for small businesses who want a smart presence on the web but don't want to pay a lot for it. At ChesBayTech,  a "good website" means your customers have a positive experience when they visit your site, even if they have a slow computer.

Your customers will like:

  • pages that load quickly

  • a simple navigation system

  • uncluttered page layout

  • fewer graphics

They will be annoyed by:

  • moving images or text

  • excessive technology

  • large graphics

  • scattered menu options

A surprising number of business websites do not accommodate their customer's preferences.  In one study, 84% of prominent websites loaded too slowly, an average of 19 seconds.  If visitors don't see the information they are looking for within 10 seconds they become frustrated and go to another web site.

Cost saver:  ChesBayTech is offering discount website hosting at wholesale prices - starting at $19.95 a month for a basic site.  Compare that to typical fees ranging from $50 to $99 per month charged by other web designers who offer hosting services.